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We help brands reach new customers and build brand loyalty across the web

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Have you ever wanted to make an impact on a target audience in a day? Do you want to reach new customers and bring back the ones who stopped purchasing? It’s all possible through new online marketing strategies.

Hello! We’re the Logan Utah Digital Marketing team you’ve been looking for, and we want to help you reach more customers than ever before. From discovery to execution, our creative teams work together to achieve your goals and deliver the results you need for a bright future.

Need a local SEO company in northern Utah? We’re the experts when it comes to website ranking and optimized design.

Why Logan Digital Marketing

We are digital marketers, lead generators, strategists, designers, and developers. Our approach to online marketing is based on years of experience targeting customers with conversion-optimized strategies.

Whether you want your target audience to purchase, sign up, renew, activate, subscribe, or take any other action, we have an exceptional team to deliver on your goals.

Services Built for Today’s Online Marketing Needs

Data-driven marketing is here for clients who want to build traffic and win customers every day through the latest online sales strategies.
When it feels like everything is constantly changing in the digital world, you need a strategy that’s agile and ready to pivot. Our full service agency is designed to meet the demands of our clients in every industry.

Bundle any services together for a remarkable strategy and receive a dedicated account manager to organize your project from beginning to end.

Our services include:
Search engine optimization
Social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & More)
Google AdWords and PPC
Sales Optimization and Funnel Visualization
Website Design and Development
Local Marketing and online growth
Graphic design and branding

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When it feels like everything is constantly changing in the digital world, you need a strategy that’s agile and ready to pivot

Dominate the Competition with Search Engine Optimization

You don’t need to pull out every dollar in your budget to build your lead generation campaigns and earn organic traffic. With expert ranking tactics, you can easily create inbound marketing campaigns that generate leads every day for your business.
SEO has evolved beyond just keyword research and backlinks. With so many ranking signals and technical solutions, you need a dedicated team to help you build a powerhouse of information that search engine crawlers will love and visitors will share.
We find it easy to build domain authority for our clients, which is why it’s one of our most popular services. Our optimized packages include a team of strategists, technical on-page SEO developers, off-page link builders, content creators, and social influencers.

Website Design in Logan, Utah

Strategy and marketing tactics go hand in hand with website design, user experience, and modern web development. We offer custom, responsive website designs and full stack development to help our clients build their dreams.

If you want your website to:
Sell more online = Ecommerce design
Earn more leads = Get the perfect landing page design
Bring in more traffic = Optimize your home page and navigation
Rank higher in search = Build a modern, responsive website

We can do it all. Our clients choose our team because we’re fast, efficient, and talented. We follow the latest trends and offer a proven approach to website development that always wows our clients.

Local Marketing Tools

Need to create the perfect local search campaign? We’ve got the local marketing tools to help you reach more customers in your area. We know how to rank higher on Google maps and can improve your business’ ranking quickly. From setting up your Google My Business profile to updating your local SEO content and social signals, your business can go farther with our strategy.

Social Media Marketing Never Sleeps

There are 3.5 billion actively on Facebook each month, as well as another 2 million on Instagram, and millions more on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The truth is that social media never stops helping your business if set up correctly.

We’ve helped countless businesses like yours develop a better social media strategy that targets the right audiences and enhances sales on every channel. Whether you are looking to increase engagement and shares or you want to set up an Instagram shop, we have a team of social media strategists and marketing managers who solely work on these important channels.

Let us help you build social media campaigns that reach new customers and increase your follower rate dramatically in just a short period of time.

Say Yes to Social Media Marketing!

Fix Your Google Ads and PPC Campaigns

Need graphic design services in Logan, Utah? We’ll create the perfect display ads for your campaign.

It feels like Google AdWords has always been available for businesses online, but with so many options and technical strategies, many companies simply don’t have the bandwidth to monitor and get the most out of this valuable pay-per-click advertising channel.

That’s where we come in. Our team includes certified Google AdWords account managers who build PPC campaigns with insanely accurate bids on the keywords you need to bring more traffic and sales to your website.

From staying at the top of search with the best ads and site extensions to building remarketing campaigns that complete the sale, we have the strategy and creative to ensure that you see ROI from PPC.

Sales Optimization is Key

​The online sales funnel has become so hard to attribute for some businesses, but we’ve figured out an amazing approach to funnel visualization, conversion rate optimization, and lead generation. All of this goes together to increase your conversion rate and raise your ROAs.

We can help you visualize where your sales are falling off and execute a strategy that will bring those customers back, as well as reduce friction to land the sales you need online.

Ready to Dominate Online? We’re Here to Help

Talk to our strategists and get a free quote with an outlined preliminary proposal to help your business grow. From SEO to PPC to Facebook advertising, we have the perfect team to partner with.
If you’re ready for real results from online marketing, choose Logan Digital Marketing.
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